Culture, Society and Popular Music

Week 1: The influence of Music on Contemporary Society

Music has an extremely powerful grip on our emotions as human beings. So much so, that we use our musical tastes as a way of defining who we are. Because music has such a deep effect on us, I feel that music has the power to do anything, even cause social change. However I believe that all forms of media must be supporting the issue, within society, that needs to be resolved. Especially in a time where there is such a saturation of information in mainstream media. An example of music and media causing social change would be the emergence of Hip Hop culture within mainstream media during the nineties. Prior to this media was dominated by the white male, even now it is still an issue. During the nineties we seen the rise of a black rights movement within mainstream media with the likes of Public Enemy in the charts with the famous song ‘Fight The Power’, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air taking over our television and the film ‘Do The Right Thing’, an extremely popular film which highlighted racial tensions which were happening at the time.

I believe that a hierarchy of musical genres exist within media and within some peoples heads. I understand that this may draw or prevent people from listening to a particular type of music over another, however I feel that people should not follow this ‘hierarchy’ as it only holds us back from experiencing the new and causes us to be narrow minded.

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